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Area 51 Radio

Post by Shinji Ikari » Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:27 pm

Whats this you may ask?

well Ill tell you

This is a Radio Station for Sci-Fi fans and is a world first

They are curently moving into the anime end of the market also so they been Asking me about things and such to do with anime.

One such thing was to come up with a consept for a mascot which is this one so far ... 1Girl2.jpg

Area 51 Radio Station is wholly owned and operated by Great Web Radio Limited. The concept of a radio station for the fans of science fiction was born out of the management and team's own interest in sci-fi and the fact that no radio station existed that could satisfy the fans at any time of any day.

Heres some info from the owner
Hi Everyone,

First let me introduce myself my name is Stuart Claw and I am the special projects manager for and some of you (If you watch T4 Sunday) may remember me as being "The Claw", their SCI FI guy for 5 weeks as well.

Anyway, part of my job at Area 51 is produce special projects that benefit and provide entertainment for our listeners.

With this in mind we are looking to add a show for Anime fans to add to our ever expanding portfolio of shows.

To do this however we need to have as much support as possible in order to proove to the men in suits that there is a significant amount of demand for the product!
So I would ask if you want to see this show happen that you send an email to

If you also have any ideas about what you would like to see featured on the show please also feel free to suggest any ideas, as we may be looking for a fan to appear on the show as an "Anime Expert" to help with reviews and discussion every so often!!

All the best and I look forward to hearing from you all soon!!

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