BATMAN? sci fi?..fantasy?

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BATMAN? sci fi?..fantasy?

Post by TesLa » Fri Jul 15, 2005 10:45 pm

Have any of you guys (and gals) checked out the two fan films by Sandy Collora that are mentioned in news section under "Show us your shorts"? OK, they're not Hollywood budget nor are they no-budget films either, but "Batman: Dead End" does capture a mood. The other one is Batman and Superman together and could easily pass as the real thing.

What would be interesting would be a Batman Black and White movie. The two volumes of monochrome strips have amazing artwork and some good stories. Maybe not quite as stylised as Sin City, but definitely shot as a true b/w noir - on film!


BATMAN? sci fi?..fantasy?

Post by ELLE » Sun Jul 17, 2005 1:40 pm

thanx for that Tesla..gonna check it out..but first..
roosta rant apart...batman is not a superhero, he wasnt in the comics..
he is a person who decided to take a certain road in life and developed his own strength and endurance in order to do 'good''
had money and could afford to do it too..(.stamina, and good tights )
the specially designed costume is the ''flying''etc..
the latest film i think did a good job of grounding this character and showing how and why...
they have signed for 3..... you know who the joker is ? its.................. #)
all the other films have been comical not comics..'blam' 'ugh''splat' movies.....with catwoman tits for the boys and lunchboxes for ???
oops sorry just realised i am a batty geek #) and saying #) is not a superhero, gulp, but i loved the movie
and i feel that tarantino etc has educated me anyway, into fight scenes, plenty of pain 'splats'' ????

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