All-Nighter Etiqutte

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All-Nighter Etiqutte

Post by sfl.admin » Thu Dec 06, 2007 10:48 pm

Well, follow these simple tips and you will make it through the night and have an enjoyable time.

Our all-night screenings normally start on Saturday between 11.30pm and Midnight, finishing in the early hours of Sunday morning - usually between 7.30 and 9.00am depending on the movies we screen.

Sleep in the afternoon if you can
Really, this is a good idea. Of course you will miss good movies at the festival but you will be ready to go allnight.

shower - use deodorant
Please, no one wants to sit next to someone smelling of yesterday's kebab, old trainers or lynx body spray! Take a shower, wash your hair, put on some roll-on and clean your teeth. Honest, you will feel so much better.

clean socks and non-smelly footwear
There is nothing like putting on clean socks! And there is no reason not to arrive in trainers that have known the joy of an odour-eater. If you are feeling really decadent, bring a clean pair with you as well. At 4am, slipping new clean socks on is great. Why not try a wet wipe around the ankles - ooo err missus.

pack a toothbrush
Highly recommended. Throughout the night you will be snacking, slurping sugary drinks and ice-cream and who knows what else. Clean your teeth after the third movie with a nice strong toothpaste and you will get through the last one no problem!

a bottle of water is a good idea
Air-conditioning and sugary snacks will tend to make you feel a little de-hydrated. Stick a two-litre bottle of water in your pocket and sup regularly

mobiles off
Rather than piss off the whole cinema with your 'amusing' ringtone - turn it off! It is courteous to your fellow movie-goer.

Be prepared to get nudged if you fall asleep. Equally, be nice to the person next to you if the doze off. Move their head gently from your shoulder and give them a delicate shove... bring them slowly back... dont push them over! Think about how you would want to be woken up if you fell asleep in the cinema.

chatting - no one paid to listen to you!
You are a fascinating person I am sure... but at this all-nighter the people around you came to see the entertainment on the big screen. Shut up and tell them afterwards.

booze - dehydrates you, makes you fart, and you really are not hilarious!
Honest. You will feel rotten in the morning if you drink all night and you will probably piss off a lot of people as you argue with your nearest and dearest. Enjoy the movies and the freebies on offer.

Be nice
It makes it all so much more enjoyable if you are nice and considerate to your neighbours. Remember they paid to see these movies too.

no smoking venue!
For those of you who still smoke, the Apollo is a completely non-smoking venue - no exceptions!!! On the night we will allow people to "nip out" for a ciggie at the break times, but you will not be admitted back into the cinema once a movie has started, so keep alert and come in when asked by the staff.