FBW = Funeral Bureau "Welcome" - (a.k.a "SIX

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FBW = Funeral Bureau "Welcome" - (a.k.a "SIX

Post by 2movie » Mon Jan 01, 2007 4:47 pm

"Welcome" ( sponsored by Marlboro )

Why even not ! it was a box office hit, with all that die bodies, now it's pretty nice to be die, looks at Saddam , he will be the prototype of the lead role with a slogan :

don't play with the Bush Marlboro ... ( or so... )

the script and such we can done in few weeks only, simple put your 50 - 70 grants over the table, and the movie is done, can run even fast, before the guy will be forgotten, must make a bit cash.

Oi, forget to tell:

Saddam must be a gay ! Pedophile and Not Smoker ! Tat why die so early ! He get an Angel of NY, AIDS, then will be converted to a Buddhist and at the last few hour, he half dream, - half drunken speaking about what he have make wrong in his life : 'never smoke!' that have really kills him

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