"Shrooms" Upcoming horror movie for 2007!

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"Shrooms" Upcoming horror movie for 2007!

Post by fastcar183 » Sat Jun 23, 2007 8:23 am


Official website: http://www.shroomsthemovie.com/ or http://www.shroomsthemovie.co.uk

“Get Ready to Get Wasted”

Release date NOVEMBER 9, 2007 in all UK cinemas...

A group of American teens comes Ireland to visit an Irish school friend who takes them on a camping trip in search of the local, fabled magic mushrooms. When the hallucinations start taking hold, the panicked friends are attacked by ghostly creatures; never able to determine if they are experiencing gruesome reality or startling delirium. When one teenager unknowingly eats the dangerous Death's Head mushroom, the group's nightmare takes a deeply sinister turn...
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Horror films cont

Post by Moss Piglet » Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:42 pm

You may already be aware that Frightfest is on in London at the end of August. Go to http://www.frightfest.co.uk/ for details.

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