Harry Potter..

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Harry Potter..

Post by elle » Fri Jul 13, 2007 1:24 pm

can recommend the new harry potter...
very dark..and scary..prob the best after goblet of fire..
the kids are growing up..and have got over voices broken and thats just
the girls :wink:
in fact ''harry'' will be 21 years old in last film...
BUT it is a good movie..the cgi is good...the only thing is,
on occasion the orange dots used as a guide for voldemorts facial cgi is evident...but there i may be nit picking.. wonder if sometimes being aware of 'how' a movie is made, does that enables the eye to see the faults :?: ...
AND it is british the whole franchise has been kept british..good to see the craft and techniques of movie making kept here...
def enjoyed, going again on monday....

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