"The possibility of an island"

What are you reading? Should the world know about it?
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Moss Piglet
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"The possibility of an island"

Post by Moss Piglet » Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:18 pm

This book is by Michel Houellebecq. My rant is that it is sold as sci-fi when it is actually pornography. You need to read through a lot of crap to get to the mildly interesting chapters that deal with the futuristic elements. They are few and far between (in regards to number of pages they take up) and fail to develop into a sci-fi plot worthy of a novel. The author's premise would have been interesting as a short story but that's all. I've seen it displayed in shop windows and I wonder if the managers know what they're promoting LOL. If you're looking for descriptive passages of cliched male fantasies then you might be interested but for sci-fi, look elsewhere.

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"The possibility of an island"

Post by timberwolf0122 » Thu Aug 10, 2006 11:23 pm

hmmm... plot missing, terrible.... err could we have some examples of the porn... for evaluation perposes of course %)

Seriously I realy hate it when a book/film is totaly miss sold, take future wars it was niether in the future nor did it feature a war. Did havea nun though.


"The possibility of an island"

Post by ELLE » Fri Aug 11, 2006 12:02 pm

TW ..you are a 'master' now?...wots your prob?...just look at the names of some new forum 'members' and then fantasise #)
nuns ?..your bag?

MP dont you find that ''cheap''sci fi is full of the same cliches..
and loads of anime is so cliched as to creak.. (this could start something!)
so wots new..does the manager know about the porno..i would say yes?
dont we live in the years of eye candy?..and reading and listening seem to be lost ...
so bit of t+a and maybe a book will sell?
let em all get on with it ...

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