Scott Sigler

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Scott Sigler

Post by timberwolf0122 » Sun May 14, 2006 11:51 pm

This guy is great, a little messedup but great.

okay heres the deal Mr. Sigler is an author (Sci-Fi/Horror) who had the genius Idea to spread his twisted dreams with the rest of the world via the interweb. His works inclued:
Earthcore. A multinational mining corp find the worlds biggest platinum deposite several miles below the earhts crust... only somehting doesn't want it discovered...

Ancestor. Thousands of people need organs worth thousands of pound and only a few will survive. The global organ transplant market is worth billions and one company seeks to manufacute generic organs that will suite allremoving rejection from the formular by recreating the ancestor of all mamales... a creature that nature wiped out millions of years ago.

On a remote island they succeded, now it's loose...... Now it's hungry, so very, very hungry.

and Infection
Has to be heard. truely, truely great. If fact you'll be itching for the next installment.

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