NERV Now Dose Sci-Fi and Utube

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Shinji Ikari
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NERV Now Dose Sci-Fi and Utube

Post by Shinji Ikari » Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:11 pm

Just to let you know We got a 2 Utube User Groups now!

I love to invite all Sci-Fi Useres who are members of Utube to post join are group and post up there Anime videos under are Anime group that is

or Sci-Fi Vids under are Sci-Fi group that is

Thanks Everyone!


NERV now has a Sci-Fi section please come along and post

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NERV Now Dose Sci-Fi and Utube

Post by timberwolf0122 » Thu Jun 22, 2006 11:38 pm

I shall forward this link to my Kung-Fu master, he is about the same hieght as a Dalek and is in the middle of building a lifesized one. Must everyone I know be odd?!!?
Can I borrow the dalek for dressdown friday? Were over zelious and specified very precisely whatisn't allow, unfortunately Daleks were not included in the list. If it's not I'll cite the 1950 Religious Freedoms act and go as a Jedi.


NERV Now Dose Sci-Fi and Utube

Post by ELLE » Fri Jun 23, 2006 10:06 am

thanx untrained monkeys are now in training :p
tw..the jedi religion is now recognised?.so many people used it on the last census, including me...
does where you work really have a ''rules apply'' dress down friday?what about goth?..that is always the one that scares people, Dog knows why?
wonder ..a goth dalek? #)

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