DR WHO AND THE DALEKS II - Get it while it's hot...

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DR WHO AND THE DALEKS II - Get it while it's hot...

Post by DPaulG1974 » Tue Aug 17, 2004 12:11 pm

With just six weeks still remaining until DR WHO AND THE DALEKS II
hits Liverpool the guest list is looking remarkably healthy at the

- Liverpool lad Paul McGann and returning guest Colin Baker headline
our star-studded cast.

- The Doctor's best friend, the Brigadier aka Nicholas Courtney wil be
there to talk about eyepatches... maybe.

- Anneke Wills and Deborah Watling, the lovely assistants to Patrick
Troughton are on hand to talk about their experiences in the so-called
'Monster Era'

- Possibly the best loved alien monster to ever grace the screens,
Sil, is represented by his human avatar, the great actor Nabil Shaban

- The ever lovely India Fisher returns, as do those stalwart fellows

- Writers old and new represented by Paul Cornell and Rob Shearman
from the new series and the grandmaster of the old series Terrance

- Composer and general audio wizardry technician Mark Ayres will
be spouting forth about everything from 5.1 remixes and CD
remastering to his fabulous scores for The Curse of Fenric and other
great 80s stories

- and we can't forget the exclusive appearance of DR WHO: WHO AM I?
The brand new comedy show from the exceedingly talented OFFSTAGE
THEATRE COMPANY as part of our Saturday evenings entertainment

And you know what... we aren't finished... More guests... More
surprises... Just more more more to be announced over the next few

"When the Daleks invade, which side will you be on?"

DR WHO AND THE DALEKS II - October 2nd and 3rd, 2004


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