All-nighters 2010

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All-nighters 2010

Post by Cheesebrush » Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:04 pm

Now that the full programme has been published, this year I am somewhat spoiled for choice as to which all-nighter to attend as the Manga, Strarcraft and Japan all-nighters all have a certain appeal.

But as usual, I am going to have to ask my annual (or bi-annual question if you include Oktoberfest) question: what format(s) are all the all-nighter films showing in? DVD? Blu ray? 35mm? Digibeta? Something else?

(For some reason this information is shown for all the other films in the programme, just not the all-nighters. Do the organisers think that because we are tired we won't notice the difference!)

And if a film is being shown by video of any description, what sort of projectors will be used? I undertsand that the Apollo now has proper digital cinema projectors in some screens which is great but I don't know if this is in all screens. In previous years older style business projectors have been used and they haven't really been up to the job with poor contrast and brightness but I wasn't able to attend last year and the Oktoberfest just gone I saw all the films in 35mm so I still don't know if the video projection has improved or not!

Thank you in advance for indulging my anally retentive picture quality issues!
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